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The Best Airport Tips Travelers Should Know

Airports are always designed in such a way to allow the passengers flow from the check in point to boarding of the plane. However, most travelers find this process challenging due to certain procedures that are involved in the system. Therefore the knowledge of best Airport Tips will not only assist travelers but also other airport users. 

Best Airport tips you should observe

The increase in the number of both domestic and international air travellers worldwide, over the past decades has prompted the need to create awareness about the best airport tips in order to save time and eliminate inconveniences during travelling.

Here are some of the best Airport tips to observe as a Traveller:

Double check the airline status online

This is to confirm that your flight hasn’t been cancelled. It’s recommended that you do this before you leave your home and even at the airport because sometimes gates to boarding flights changes at the last minute. This will also save you the burden of bringing all your stuff from home and going through the screening processes only to realize that your flight was cancelled. It also allows you enough time to access other flights which will be on the same route on that day so that you can be rebooked.

Organize your bags in advance

Check at the rules online; know what you can and can’t carry on board. The airline won’t allow ‘dangerous goods’ or a lot of stuff. You might need to pare down your toiletries or plan to buy new supply at your destination. Travel as simple as possible.

Dress nicely-avoid wearing jewelleries

 It’s not a nice experience being told to remove all the jewelleries at the security check points; you would rather leave them at home or park them separately and put them on after arriving at your destination. What you wear determines whether you sail through screening easily or being given pat down, so when it comes to clothing be smart. It’s therefore recommended that you dress up simply in a way saves time. Use shoes that are easy to remove 

Download the airport Map

Know where you are going; check the maps, hotel shuttle details and even the car rental services at your destination airport. Navigating an unfamiliar location might just prove more difficult especially if you don’t have any clue of the place and thus causing you inconveniences.

Check the airports parking situation online

Knowing where to pack, and the distance to the terminal will save you the stress and time of navigating through the airport ring roads in search of a free parking lot. If the spaces are full then you will need to look for an alternative parking plan. If someone is to pick you up from the airport, then this will enable you to arrange for a pick up location so that he/she can find you without much hassle. During peak traveling seasons, it’s always advisable to use the services of a taxi as it’s more economical and time saving.

Arrive early at the airport

Plan to arrive in the airport early, preferably two hours before the scheduled departure time for those traveling internationally and at least 1 hour before if you are traveling domestically. This will give you more time for printing your boarding pass, going through the security screening process and even to check in your luggage.

Bring luggage tag with you

A nicely labelled luggage tag will help to distinguish your suit case from other black suit cases, make it more colorful so that it can be spotted from far. You can also print on it your address and write something like ‘take me back home’ so that in case the luggage is lost, it can still find its way back to you.

Check in online

Avoid the long queues at the airport. If it is within 1-2 hours to the departure, most airlines will require you to check in at the ticket counter which means you will spend some time standing in those long lines. You can however evade this kind of stress by checking in online. Most major airlines will allow you to do this within the next 24hours to your departure time. Remember also to print your boarding pass and send a copy to your smart phone.

 Read the signs

Airports are designed with sings to aid your movement and understanding of the directions. Always read the signs and in case you are not sure about anything, only ask people in uniform. They will direct you to someone who will be able to help you. This will protect you from touts who would want to extort money from you in the name of assisting.

Have your Identification, travel documents and the boarding pass easily accessible

These documents should be kept together and where they are safe and can easily be accessed, without having to put everything down to produce them whenever requested. You can keep them in your carry-on bags or even in your wallet if at all it got enough space. This will help you go through the screening process faster.


Traveling becomes much faster when the best tips are observed and practiced. With low expectations you will be able to enjoy your time while in the airport and also on board.

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