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All You Need To Know About RV GPS Navigation System

Navigation is widely considered to be one of the top causes of stress in RVing as road networks and regulations change from time to time.

Needless to say, things get pretty tough as owners of recreational vehicles go out of well-acquainted areas and proceed to venture into unfamiliar regions.

Hence, to plenty of modern-day RVers, it’s essential to keep a GPS (Global Positioning System) around while traveling.

With a GPS onboard, you could acquire handy details about available routes, traffic laws, upcoming terrain, … which help you determine the ideal way to bring your rig to desired destinations 

Regarding GPS for recreational vehicles, the market is filled with models so enthusiasts of RVing have a lot of options. Still, the rather huge number of systems also make it hard to tell the best RV GPS from mediocre ones. 

RV GPS Basics


What Is an RV GPS?

To put it plainly, an RV GPS is a GPS that is purposely designed for use in recreational vehicles such as travel trailers, campers, motorhomes, …

How Does It Work?

In use, RV GPS would provide navigational guidance and related information to enthusiasts of RVing which let them arrive at wanted locations quickly and safely. 

Benefits of RV GPS

  • Ensure a smooth travel experience: If you rely on maps and phones for navigation, it’s likely that you need to pull to the side of the road now and then to get your bearings. But with GPS by your side, you can move your rig straight toward your destination without having to stop occasionally.
  • Offer great chances for exploration: Many GPS for RV come preloaded with millions of points of interest (POI) that bring fresh changes of pace to the travel plan of RVers. If necessary, owners of recreational vehicles could even import extra POI to the GPS as they move to new areas. 
  • Entertain users on the road: Aside from data related to navigation, GPS units can be stored with music for entertainment. Certain models on the market may lock on to signals of radio stations as well. 

Types Of RV GPS

In general, GPS for RVs comes in all shapes and sizes but today’s market contains two predominant types of models: portable and permanent.

  • Portable Systems: As the name suggests, portable GPS for RV could be readily moved around the interior and between rigs. Naturally, models of the type earn positive remarks from enthusiasts of RVing that value versatility. 
  • Permanent Systems: Designed to be attached to a rig for good, permanent RV GPS tend to be held in high esteem by serious RVers that require comprehensive guidance while traveling. In addition, models of the type have the ability to program routes using the dimensions and characteristics of vehicles too.

Top Brands Of GPS For RV 

Countless manufacturers build dedicated RV GPS units but in terms of popularity, a few clearly stand out from the rest 


Known as one of the leading brands of navigation systems, Garmin is the number one choice for an assortment of RVers from novices to veterans. Models made by Garmin adapt well to variable conditions and have relatively basic maintenance requirements. 


Owing to constant applications of innovation and heavy investments in advanced technologies, TomTom could assemble versatile and long-lasting GPS. Naturally, TomTom units earn a shower of praise from owners of recreational vehicles that travel extensively and don’t have many opportunities to replace equipment.


With a user-oriented approach, Magellan is held in high esteem by enthusiasts of RVing that value convenience and wish to have no-nonsense GPS.  In addition to that, products from Magellan come at reasonable prices so they could fit the wallet of ordinary RVers. 

Rand McNally

As a long-established brand with substantial experience, Rand McNally knows how to create solid GPS that please the users. If you favor consultancy and reliability, Rand McNally is going to be your best bet. 

FAQs About GPS For RVs

Would vegetation affect the performance of GPS?

Depending on the signal receiver, GPS units could run into a number of problems if used under vegetation like large trees, dense bush and other. Hence, if your own GPS behaves oddly out of the blue, you should attempt to move into an open area. 

Is it possible to plan routes using GPS?

Different models have different capabilities but most GPS units can be used to plan routes. Using the average systems, owners of recreational vehicles may view weather forecasts, traffic warnings, landmarks, …

How could I increase the storage capacity of my GPS? 

A wide range of market’s models accept SD and Micro SD cards that help increase the overall storage capacity. By switching between cards, you would be able to get a detailed picture of a lot of regions while traveling.

Should I purchase GPS online? 

With the rise of e-commerce, RVers could buy various things including GPS without having to drop by actual stores. Also, online retailers permit owners of recreational vehicles to compare prices and values of models to get the best deal. Still, just in case, you should stick to well-known names such as Amazon, Walmart, …

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