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Does Air Conditioning Actually Work In a Pop Up Camper?

If you are a big fan of traveling, a pop up camper is the best thing you can have. With this vehicle, you can go camping in every season, from spring, summer to fall and winter. However, if you intend to go camping under hot weather day in Florida, you’ll need an air conditioner to make your camping time much more comfortable. However, is it possible to have one in a pop-up camper? In this article, we will tell you everything. 

Is It Possible to have A/C in a Pop Up Camper?

If you are having a pop up camper, it is crucial to have an air conditioner. So can we install A/C inside a pop-up camper? The answer is yes, you can have air conditioning in a pop up camper. However, it must be the right type of A/C. 

The Right Type of A/C 

In order to use AC for a pop up camper, you need to use these three types of air conditioners. There are rooftop units, window units and portable A/C units. Along with that, the size of the A/C unit also needed to be calculated. The reason for this is that the AC must be big enough to cool the whole vehicle, yet small enough to fit inside. 

Our car expert will list out all the benefits as well as drawbacks of all three types for you to choose the most suitable one.

Rooftop Air Conditioner

The first and most well-known air conditioner is the rooftop A/C Unit. From the first look, this device looks like a box mounting on top of the trailer of the pop up camper. The rooftop air conditioner is also very strong. A single AC can cool an area of 10 to 20 feet quite easily.


The first advantage of the rooftop air conditioner is the efficiency. One single rooftop air conditioner can cool down the whole pop-up camper. They are powerful and efficient enough to make car owners feel chilly even during humid and hot summer weather. Not to mention, the rooftop A/C is also really quiet. The new model of this unit makes way less noise than window mounted or portable air conditioners. It is a great addition for users who want a good and comfortable sleep. 

Another benefit of this A/C unit is that you do not have to worry about removal when traveling.  Some rooftop units even have the heating option so users can even use them in spring or winter, which makes the camping season much better. Last but not least, this rooftop A/C also has a thermostat equipped in order for car owners to change temperatures.


With so many benefits, it is understandable that the biggest disadvantage of the rooftop A/C is the price. Not only expensive in installation and energy draw, the rooftop air conditioner is very costly when it comes to maintenance and repair. 

Along with that, car owners must add roof support in the trailer of their pop-ups since the A/C needs some weight support. Also, you need to make sure proper water runoff from the roof. This is the reason why you need professionals to help install. 

Depending on the size, you might lose a lot of power so it is not a great idea for users who want to save energy and cash. 

Window Air Conditioner

Unlike the rooftop air conditioner, the window air conditioner is a portable A/C unit that is secured in the window.


The first benefit is that it is very easy to install. Car owners can easily mount them by themselves. Along with that, this unit can cool the area very effectively. With its design, the window-mounted air conditioner does not take up much space since we install it outside of the window. Not to mention, since the cooling components as well as the compressor are all outside, car users do not have to hear all the noise from this unit.


Even though the working efficiency of this air conditioner is good, they are less powerful than the rooftop A/C unit. Also, car owners must take off the air conditioner from the window every time you travel and break camp. 

Portable Air Conditioner

Last but certainly not least, we have a portable air conditioner. This is the newest type among the three. According to JDM Export, it looks like a tall dehumidifier with fans to keep the air moving inside. 


The portable air conditioner has wheels and can be placed anywhere in the vehicle. Not to mention, they have many sizes for customers to choose based on their pop-up camper. It is also easy to use, cheap and small to move around. 


However, the portable air conditioner has the biggest drawback: It needs to be near a window. The reason for this is that this unit uses two vent lines to transfer the hot air from the inside to the outside. This requirement takes up a lot of space inside your pop-up camper. Along with that, this A/C is quite loud since the compressor is also inside the vehicle. 

Comparison Chart


Efficiency The Noise Install and Remove Price Additional and Portable
Rooftop Powerful, strong Quiet Easy to remove yet hard to install Expensive Need roof support
Window Good Very quiet Easy to install Normal Must take off when traveling
Portable Normal Loud Easy to install yet take a lot of space Cheap Very portable, yet need to be near window


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