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The Best RV Battery Brand to Use for Lasting Performance

Even premium-grade models from world-famous manufacturers fail to satisfy the customers on occasions. Nonetheless, if you have to buy something for your recreational vehicle, you better favor popular names over less-known ones. 

If you’re not familiar with RV batteries and would like to take the safe deal when shopping for the best RV battery, it is generally recommended that you start with batteries by reliable makers. Of course, browsing through customer reviews will help you identify the superstar among good options by these big brands.

Reputable Brands of RV Batteries On The Market

1. DieHard Batteries

Recognized by many RVers as the leading brand of automotive battery, DieHard Batteries from Sears Holdings is fairly well-known for its high-quality products. If you know nothing about batteries for recreational vehicles, consider grabbing models of DieHard Batteries.

2. Odyssey

Employing the latest technologies, Odyssey is able to provide batteries for virtually every kind of vehicle as well as weather. Furthermore, compared to models of other brands, Odyssey’s batteries have markedly superior life expectancies.  

3. Optima

Need the best AGM battery for RV money can buy? In that case, you must check out batteries of Optima.  Packing fast recharge time, outstanding capacity, … these fine batteries shall bring you peace of mind.

4. UPG 

Universal Power Group (UPG) is a prominent supplier of energy-related goods such as solar panels, charging cables, jumping jacks, …. and of course, RV batteries. If field performance is your main concern then UPG should have sublime options for you. 

5. Kirkland

Capable of delivering first-class batteries at affordable prices, Kirkland is held in high regard by people that treat cost-effectiveness as the top criterion. If batteries of the brand fall short regardless of the cause, Kirkland proves more than willing to offer full refunds. 

6. AC Delco

Due to the introduction of vigorous quality control, AC Delco manages to ensure that only flawless products could reach customers. Additionally, the reasonable costs of AC Delco’s batteries earn appreciation from budget-minded RVers

7. Duralast

Featuring a brilliant combination of quality and endurance, batteries of Duralast receive a lot of praises from RV battery reviews. Unsurprisingly, Duralast is a favorite of people that want to have straightforward, no-nonsense batteries. 

8. EverStart  

One major advantage of EverStart’s batteries is top-notch availability: you should be able to find some at Walmart. Aside from that, batteries from the brand don’t excel at any particular but they would still give a good account of themselves in use.

Useful Tips to Extend the Life Of Batteries For RV

Generally speaking, automobile batteries could last for many years assuming that they receive appropriate maintenance. Unfortunately, soon after purchasing new batteries, various RVers need to find replacements again because they fail to take proper precautions. So if you don’t want to wreck your batteries by mistake and waste your hard-earned money in the process, follow the recommendations below.

  • Avoid Leaving The Batteries Depleted 

Once the charge in the batteries run low, crystals start forming on the plates, a process that is called sulfation. In case you fail to recharge the batteries in time, which lets the sulfation progress pretty much unchecked, the batteries should be ruined before long. Hence, in order to preserve the batteries, it’s of utmost importance that you perform recharge in a timely manner. If possible, get yourself a voltmeter to determine the ideal time to recharge the batteries. The rule of thumb is to keep the charge above 50% for most of the time.   

  • Don’t Forget Parasitic Loads 

Even if you turn off all the appliances in your recreational vehicle, certain things would continue to deplete the batteries such as gas leak detectors, antenna power booster, clocks, stereos,… To prevent the parasitic loads from discharging the batteries, it’s necessary that you set the battery disconnect switch to the “off” position if you don’t use the RV.

  • Check The Electrolyte Levels Periodically

Keeping the electrolyte acceptable levels is the key to extending the lifespan of automobile batteries so pay attention to that. If you find the electrolyte to be low then proceed to add more distilled water. Don’t have distilled water? Well, if that is the case, mineral-free water could work as an adequate alternative. But whatever you do, refrain from adding tap water since that is going to cause calcium sulfation and kill your RV batteries in no time.

  • Consider Using Three-Stage Chargers 

If you don’t know, batteries should be best charged in three stages: bulk charge, abortion charge and float charge. The first stage brings the charge of the batteries back to 90 % then the second stage charge the remaining 10% and the third stage maintain the full charge.  The market these kinds of days offers a variety of three-stage chargers so it’s a good idea that you pick up one.

  • Only Add Water After Recharges 

Unless the plates seem to be exposed, you must add water after charging the batteries. If the electrolyte runs so low that plates of the batteries exposed, you need to add water to cover the plates first before performing recharges. By leaving the vent caps on batteries while charging, you could limit losses of water. 

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